Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Planscalgary
Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans : Attachment 1calgary
Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy : Targetsedmonton
Climate Resilient Edmontonedmonton
Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy : Targets 2edmonton
Energy Transition Strategyedmonton
Getting to 1.5 C : Discussion Paperedmonton
Planning for 1.5°C : Conceptual Project Planedmonton
Planning for 1.5°C : Conceptual Project Plan : Attach 2edmonton
Policy Brief : Alternative Fuelsedmonton
Policy Brief : Autonomous Vehicles and Emissions Scenariosedmonton
Policy Brief : Carbon Budget and Accounting Information 2019-11edmonton
Policy Brief : Climate Mitigation and Adaptation CoBenefitsedmonton
Policy Brief : Consumption Based Inventory 2016edmonton
Policy Brief : Energy Transition Funding Optionsedmonton
Policy Brief : Evaluation of Sustainable Development Goals – Final Report 2019-09edmonton
Policy Brief : Green Electricity – Community Wide Procurementedmonton
Policy Brief : Green Energy Economy Reportedmonton
Policy Brief : Is There a Role for Nuclear – 2019-11edmonton
Policy Brief : Jurisdictional Reviewedmonton
Policy Brief : Jurisdictional Review – Appendix Aedmonton
Policy Brief : Just and Equitable Transitionedmonton
Policy Brief : Mandatory Energy Labelling and Disclosureedmonton
Policy Brief : Nature Based Carbon Sequestrationedmonton
Policy Brief : Negative Emissionsedmonton
Policy Brief : Role of Geothermal Energy – 2019-11edmonton
Policy Brief : Role of Offsets – 2019-11edmonton
Climate Emergency Declarationedmonton
Climate Action Plan Websitehalifax
HRM Actions Cataloguehalifax
Climate Action Plan Updatehalifax
Climate Report to Councilhalifax
Climate Emergency Declarationhalifax
Climate Action Plan Websitemississauga
General Committee Agenda 2019 12 04mississauga
Climate Change Questions Answersmississauga
Council Agenda 2016-06-19mississauga
Climate Action Plan Websiteabbotsford
Climate Action Plan Websitecalgary
Climate Action Plan Websiteedmonton
Climate Action Plan Websitemontreal
2017 PACCAM 2015-020 SUMMARYmontreal
2017 PACCAM 2015-2020 MEASURESmontreal
2017 PACCAM 2015-2020 REPORTmontreal
Climate Emergency Declarationmontreal
Climate Action Plan Websitenewwestminster
New West Climate Action Budget and Seven Bold Stepsnewwestminster
Climate Emergency Declarationnewwestminster
Climate Action Plan Websitenorthvancouver
Climate Change Adaptation Plannorthvancouver
Climate Action Notice of Motion February 25 2019northvancouver
Community Energy and Emissions Plannorthvancouver
Climate Emergency Declarationnorthvancouver
Climate Action Plan Websiteottawa
Climate Change Mplan enottawa
op Discuss Paper Climate enottawa
Climate Action Plan Websiterichmond
Engaging our Community – At a Glance Results – Attachment 2richmond
Richmond Climate Action Toolkit Definitions – Attachment 4richmond
Eight Climate Action Directions for Richmond – Survey Boards – Attachment 6richmond
Eight Climate Action Directions for Richmond – Carbon Reduction Impacts by 2030 – Attachment 7richmond
City of Richmond Community Energy and Emissions Plan 2020-2050 Directions – Council General Purposes Committeerichmond
Climate Emergency Declarationrichmond
Climate Action Plan Websitesaanich
Climate Action Staff Reports : Attachment 1saanich
Climate Action Staff Reports : Attachment 2saanich
Climate Action Staff Reports : Attachment 3saanich
Climate Action Staff Reports : Late Correspondencesaanich
Climate Action Staff Reports : Reportsaanich
Climate Emergency Declarationsaanich
Climate Action Plan Websitesaskatoon
Local Actions Report 2saskatoon
Local Actions Report – ccap – Nov 28saskatoon
Low Emissions Report – Aug 8saskatoon
Low Emissions Report – July 25saskatoon
Recommendations Report for a Low Emissions Communitysaskatoon
Climate Action Plan Websitesurrey
CEEMAP Methodology Surreysurrey
CEEP Overviewsurrey
Climate Adaptation Strategysurrey
Community Climate Action Strategysurrey
Community Energy Emissions Plansurrey
Corporate Emissions Action Plansurrey
Energy Shift Youth Forum Outcomessurrey
ENERGY Shift Public Event Reportsurrey
Introduction Energy Shift Cafesurrey
Surrey CEEP Power Conservation Analysissurrey
Climate Emergency Declarationsurrey
Climate Action Plan Websitetoronto
Transform TO – Climate Action for a Healthy Equitable and Prosperous Toronto Report 1 November-2016toronto
Transform TO – Climate Action for a Healthy Equitable and Prosperous Toronto Implementation Update – 2017 and 2018toronto
Transform TO Reference Panel on Climate Action Reporttoronto
Transform TO – Climate Action for a Healthy Equitable and Prosperous Toronto – Report-2 The Pathway to a Low Carbon Future Staff Report April 2017toronto
EV Strategy 1toronto
EV Strategy 2toronto
EV Strategy 3toronto
Climate Emergency Declarationtoronto
Climate Action Plan Websitevancouver
Climate Change Adaptation Strategyvancouver
Policy Reportvancouver
Climate Emergency Declarationvancouver
Climate Action Plan Websitevictoria
Appendix A High Impact Initiativesvictoria
Appendix B CLP Targets by Sectorvictoria
Presentation 2019 Climate Action Strategy Proposed Programs and Initiativesvictoria
Presentation Application and Integration of the Climate Lensvictoria
Report 2019 Climate Action Strategy – Proposed Programs and Initiativesvictoria
Report Application and Integration of the Climate Lensvictoria
Climate Emergency Declarationvictoria
Climate Action Plan Websitewinnipeg
Climate Action Engagement Summary Combined – 2018 07 24winnipeg
Climate Action Public Priorities Workshop Engagement Summary – 2018 07 03winnipeg
Climate Change Working Group Final Report – 2017winnipeg
CW Climate Action Planwinnipeg
Delegation Submissions and Letter of Supportwinnipeg
Winnipeg’s Climate Action Planwinnipegcusp-ledadvancing-innovations-in-climate-financeplanscarbon-budgetingfunding-climate-action-implementation
Halifax’s Climate Action Planhalifaxplans


TitleSpeakersCUSP Key InitiativeOrganizationsUpload Datespeaker_hfilterinitiative_hfilterorganization_hfilter
Interview w/ Minister Catherine McKenna06/20/2020minister-catherine-mckenna
CUSP Energy Poverty and Equity Mapping Tool for Canadian Energy Utilities05/01/2020cuspcentring-equity-and-affordability
Integrating Financing Products into Local Clean Energy Programs | Part 3: Q&A with Aaron Berg, 04/17/2020aaron-bergadvancing-innovations-in-climate-finance centring-equity-and-affordability
Integrating Financing Products into Local Clean Energy Programs | Part 2: CEWO Case Study, 04/17/2020farrah-andersonadvancing-innovations-in-climate-finance centring-equity-and-affordability
Integrating Financing Products into Local Clean Energy Programs | Part 1: Background, 04/17/2020farrah-andersonadvancing-innovations-in-climate-finance centring-equity-and-affordability
GMF Presentation to CUSP + partners on new Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) Program04/10/2020cuspadvancing-innovations-in-climate-finance
GRID benchmarking visualization software webinar02/05/2020cuspbuilding-capacity
CR 0:02 / 45:58 Sustainable Finance Part 2 – Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program, a PACE program10/13/2019marco-iacampoadvancing-innovations-in-climate-finance
Sustainable Finance Part 1 – Overview with special focus on PACE programs in Canada10/09/2019multipleadvancing-innovations-in-climate-finance
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