Call to Partners

CUSP is seeking one or more partner organizations to collaborate with on each of our transformative change initiatives.

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We are looking for partners with shared priorities, relevant experience, adequate resources, and staying power for these technical, multiyear, multifaceted initiatives.

We offer a partnership opportunity with staff at CUSP and the sustainability practitioners (and finance practitioners for some initiatives) from Canada’s large urban centres. These local government practitioners are out in front on these transformative change initiatives, not only in Canada, but globally. They continue to grow their technical knowledge in these emerging areas combined with their specialized experience working within Cities. These cities are positioned to design and deliver better practices, and transform systems and structures that hinder the work of climate action, resilience and justice.

Opportunity for impact

Co-design of strategy, approach, evaluation and impact measurement framework

Recruitment of partners and funders

Execution of strategy

Utilization-focused developmental evaluation and impact measurement

Our work together will begin with the development of a design brief that you can use to recruit other partners and funders and/or to communicate to your board and funders: the value of this work, the approach to be taken, and the opportunity for impact through transformation that this initiative, in partnership with CUSP, represents. CUSP cannot advance these initiatives without partner organizations to lead and resource their research and development; we are seeking strong partnerships to establish the conditions for change required of these initiatives and outcomes.

We anticipate partners will come from the following sectors or specialities:

    • Other municipal networks working on climate, equity, community resilience, poverty reduction, housing affordability
    • Policy thinktanks based in foundations, NGOs, or academia
    • Professional, investor, and financial associations
    • Graduate-level students and professors for applied research in specialized and emergent or evolving fields (i.e. carbon accounting, TCFD, developmental evaluation, racial justice and decolonization)
    • Data visualization specialists and data-for-good technology companies

2021-2025 Partnership Opportunities

Learn more about our ongoing projects, future directions and openings for collaboration. Explore the opportunity statements for each of the six transformative change initiatives, and the cities who will help to steer your work by ground truthing what they need for this change to occur.
Email Allison Ashcroft, CUSP’s Managing Director, to discuss opportunities for collaboration.